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LiveKit Cloud

A cloud-managed global media network built on LiveKit's open source WebRTC stack.


Host large-scale live sessions

We designed a horizontally-scaling mesh network which scales to millions of users in a single session.


100ms of latency to the edge

Your users connect to the nearest LiveKit server and media flows from edge-to-edge over the private internet backbone.

Cloud Latency

Drill into live sessions with real-time analytics

Your LiveKit Cloud project dashboard captures detailed telemetry for every session, participant, and track.

Cloud Analytics

And much more


LiveKit Cloud runs across multiple cloud providers around the world and optimizes routing for path performance.

99.99% Uptime

LiveKit Cloud transparently recovers from and routes around node, region, and cloud provider failures.

Resource usage-based pricing

We pay cloud providers for bandwidth and compute, you only pay us for the same.

Advances debugging tools

Explore real-time audio/video sessions in-depth to understand and resolve any user experience issues.

SSO and RBAC for teams

Invite teammates, set up roles, and collaborate on your real-time projects with your whole team.

Enterprise-grade security

LiveKit Cloud is SOC2 Type II, GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA compliant. FIPS compliance is coming in 2024.

Try LiveKit Cloud for free

LiveKit Cloud is a cloud real-time platform and the fastest way to prototype and ship to production.

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