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LiveKit Cloud is an end-to-end, cloud-native WebRTC platform built and operated by the team behind LiveKit Open Source. It offers rock-solid reliability, unprecedented scale, real-time observability, and disruptive pricing.

Livestreaming example application
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Livestreaming example application

Video and audio at Metaverse scale

Powered by our globally distributed WebRTC CDN, LiveKit Cloud supports up to 100,000 participants in a single session with less than 100 milliseconds of latency between them.
Read more about the architecture that allowed us to scale WebRTC.

Livestreaming example application

Go deep with analytics

Our Cloud dashboard gives you a complete picture of your application's performance metrics at a glance. Real-time, down-to-the-track-level telemetry helps you drill in and understand your user's end-to-end product experience without having to look over their shoulder.

Aggregate stats and insights

Aggregate stats and insights

Nerd out on historic device and region breakdowns, connection speeds and quality, active room characteristics and more.

High-level observability

High-level observability

View active and completed rooms and sessions, participant events and quality metrics generated in real-time across your project.

Tracks on tracks on tracks

Tracks on tracks on tracks

Drill into low-level attributes like bitrates, resolution and layer changes, fps, and network conditions for every participant.

Participant-minute, your time is up

LiveKit takes a different approach to pricing: pay for data you transmit and transcode. That's it.
Read more about our model.

Here's what happens when you apply our model across three common use-cases:

1 hour video meeting with 25 publishers and 100 subscribers in HD


41% less



1 hour audio-only (like Clubhouse) with 2 publishers and 100 subscribers


83% less



8 hour virtual office with 50 publishers and 50 subscribers in 480p


88% less



For more comparisons and to estimate your own costs using our calculator, head to our pricing page.

Built on LiveKit Open Source

LiveKit Cloud uses the same open-source SFU, APIs, and SDKs. In fact, you can seamlessly switch between self-hosted or cloud-hosted without changing a line of code.

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LiveKit Cloud is the easiest way to build with, deploy and scale LiveKit's WebRTC stack.

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