LiveKit gives AI the ability to see, hear, and speak

We build APIs to power the future of computing

Forty years ago, Steve Jobs unveiled a computer that could speak to you. The idea of a computer that adapts to us is not new, but the technology that makes it possible is. We started LiveKit to bring that technology to every developer in the world.

We began as an open source project for building realtime voice and video applications using WebRTC. Over time, we’ve evolved into a global delivery network for any modality of realtime data. What started with just a media server and some SDKs, is now a full ecosystem of APIs and tools for realtime computing.

Over 20,000 developers and teams, ranging from public companies to solo hackers, use LiveKit as the backbone of their applications. We build muck, so developers can focus on what matters — their products and users.

Here’s to the crazy ones

Some of the best investors, founders, and builders in the world share our belief in how we’ll use computers to do more than ever before. We’re grateful to have their support.

Our Investors
Redpoint Ventures
Altimeter Capital
Jeff Dean
Chief Scientist, Google
Elad Gil
CEO, Gil Capital
Aravind Srinivas
CEO, Perplexity
Amjad Masad
CEO, Replit
Guillermo Rauch
CEO, Vercel
Logan Kilpatrick
Product Lead, Google AI Studio
Mati Staniszewski
CEO, ElevenLabs
Erik Bernhardsson
CEO, Modal
Rohan Anil
Eng Lead, Gemini
Demi Guo
CEO, Pika
Ev Williams
Founder, Twitter
Justin Kan
Founder, Twitch
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