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Add real time video and audio to your app in no time

LiveKit is an open source alternative to Twilio Video or Agora. Build video conferencing, livestreaming, metaverse or robotics projects using a modern, end-to-end WebRTC stack.

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Used by 1,000+ projects and companies, including

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LiveKit Cloud

LiveKit Cloud is a cloud-native WebRTC platform built and operated by the LiveKit team. With the same open-source APIs, SDKs and features, going to production has never been easier.

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  • Connectivity IconGlobally distributed infrastructure
  • Deployment IconReal-time analytics and monitoring
  • Performance Icon99.99% uptime

Build your product fast

We've set up all the tools you'll need to go from a prototype to production-ready application with real-time video and audio features.

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JS, Flutter, React, Swift, Kotlin, Ruby, and Go. Consistent, stable, and well-designed APIs.

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Optimized end-to-end for efficiency. We minimize bandwidth using all of Zoom's tricks.

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Robust connectivity across network conditions. Dynamically adapts to low-bandwidth situations.

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Easily deploy instances and run on any cloud provider. Helm chart, AWS template and DO droplet included.

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Built-in, JWT-based auth and RBAC within rooms. Moderation APIs for full control over participants.

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Open source

Apache-licensed, open-source software. Customize or extend LiveKit‘s server, client SDKs or components.

Powerful SDKs for every platform

We've made sure LiveKit works consistently every device, on every platform, while also feeling native to the platform you're working with.

4000+ Stars

1000+ Projects

1300+ Community Members

Questions about using any of our SDKs? Ask in the community Slack or explore the SDK repositories on GitHub.

Flutter SDK

Flutter SDK

In-depth guides to get you started

Core Concepts

LiveKit is a flexible system, built around three core constructs: a Room, Participants, and Tracks. With just these, you can build a myriad of realtime experiences.

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Deploying to Kubernetes

LiveKit streamlines deployment to Kubernetes with support for GKE, Amazon EKS, Digital Ocean DOKS, and your own Kubernetes installations.

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Working with Rooms

Rooms are the main construct in LiveKit. When connected, you're provided a room object, objects for local and remote participants, and room events.

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Made to scale

LiveKit is designed to serve thousands of simultaneous users per instance while delivering media with less than 100ms of latency. Benchmarks below measure large audio-only and audio/video rooms on a single instance.

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10 speakers

3000 listeners

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1 broadcasters

3000 viewers

Join the community

LiveKit is supported by a network of early adopters, builders, and contributors.

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