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Your robot's eyes and ears

At the intersection of numerous emerging technologies—batteries, advanced sensors, artificial intelligence, and miniaturization—is robotics. Modern robots and IoT devices include an array of cameras, microphones and other sensors; their data constantly streamed to the cloud and processed by ML, stored for audit and archival, or routed to a human operator. LiveKit was designed around flexibility, making it easy to wire up realtime data streaming workflows needed by robotics projects and companies.

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Realtime Audio & Video Processing

Transmit, process or visualize data from onboard sensors across a fleet of machines with sub-100ms latency. Build a GStreamer pipeline to split data between onboard processors and LiveKit CLI for streaming to remote services.


Aggregate streams from thousands of robots and using selective subscriptions stream out to a group of remote operators or even thousands of passive viewers, simultaneously. Operators can use data messages issue command and control instructions to any machine.

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Open Source

The full stack is Apache 2.0-licensed open-source software. Written in Go and packaged as a single binary, install LiveKit directly onto embedded systems like Nvidia's Jetson platform.

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Ingest media streams or run LiveKit CLI onboard and pipe data through a TCP socket. LiveKit automatically transcodes these streams into WebRTC for use by teleoperator or another purpose.

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Egress and Recording

Automatically record streams to any cloud bucket or export raw or transcoded streams in realtime, over Websocket, to another system for further processing.

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Data Messages

Send and receive arbitrary signaling or control messages between robots and operators. Messages can be 1:1 or 1:N broadcasts with options for reliable (TCP) and unreliable (UDP) delivery methods.

Case study

Skydio flies with LiveKit

Skydio has deeply integrated LiveKit into their products to provide the best livestreaming and remote operations experience for their customers.

LiveKit is the modern and well-designed WebRTC solution that enabled us to quickly deliver our Live Streaming & Remote Ops products to customers. It's simple to deploy and the ergonomic SDKs allow for deep integration with our applications. Livekit is loved by both app developers and infrastructure engineers at Skydio.

Roshan Jobanputra, Director of Eng @ Skydio

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Easily build realtime video or audio features into your application using a modern, end-to-end WebRTC stack.

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LiveKit Cloud is a cloud-native WebRTC platform built and operated by the LiveKit team. With the same open-source APIs, SDKs and features, going to production has never been easier.

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