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customers including:
Open AI
Character AI

Tools to invent the future

Conversational AI
OpenAI uses LiveKit to deliver voice to millions of ChatGPT users.
Build realtime multimodal experiences
Stream voice and video between your model and users with sub-100ms latency.
Start quickly with plugins from:
Simulate human conversation
Integrated plugins make speaking with AI as natural as speaking with a person.
Interruption handling
Turn-taking cue detection
Connect to telephony networks
Allow users to dial into sessions or make programmatic calls out to phones.
Supports DTMF
Call our demo voice bot:
developer focused

Build, deploy, scale. Repeat.

Realtime telemetry and analytics
Explore session and user data in depth to understand a user's experience and resolve issues.
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Purpose-built components
Build realtime experiences quickly with higher-level abstractions for common patterns and use cases.
1async def entrypoint(ctx: JobContext):
2 vad = silero.VAD()
3 stt = deepgram.STT()
4 llm = openai.LLM()
5 tts = elevenlabs.TTS()
6 assistant = VoiceAssistant(vad, stt, llm, tts, allow_interruptions=True)
7 assistant.set_system_message(["You are a voice assistant created by LiveKit."])
8 await assistant.say('Hello, how can I help you today?')
11 def _on_participant_connected(participant:
12 rtc.RemoteParticipant):
13 assistant.start(, participant)
Broad SDK support
Code your application with a LiveKit client natively designed for your platform of choice.
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No vendor lock-in
Self-host LiveKit for free without changing a line of code. The entire ecosystem of tools and services is Apache 2.0 open source.
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global scale

The backbone of the realtime computing era.

LiveKit's network is optimized for ultra-low latency, extreme resiliency, and massive scale. Our team is distributed across the world and our infrastructure delivers billions of minutes of audio and video every month.

World map with data center locations highlighted.

A feature-rich platform

SSO and RBAC for teams
Set up roles and collaborate on your realtime project with your team.
Enterprise-grade security
End-to-end encryption, SOC2 Type 2, GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA compliant.
Noise and echo cancellation
Remove background artifacts from audio streams.
Session recording
Composite, record, and store sessions in any S3-compatible cloud bucket.
Stream ingestion
Import external video or audio streams from a myriad of formats.
Moderation tools
Restrict user access to publish or subscribe to any session or stream.

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